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The Good Health Cafe Podcast is the place for casual, insightful conversations to empower listeners on their health journey. It is about how to navigate the healthcare system and how to take care of your health in plain, easy to understand language. The group calls allow participants to share their experiences and have candid conversations about various aspects of health and healthcare in order to help get the best outcomes possible.

Nikita Boston-Fisher, MPH
The Good Health Cafe

Nikita is the founder of The Good Health Cafe (https://www.thegoodhealthcafe.com/) podcast where she and her guests discuss health and healthcare in plain language. She is passionate about respectful and compassionate healthcare, public health and community engagement. By training she is a public health professional, certified health education specialist and certified project manager. She also created and runs a small scented soy candle business called The Good Health Candle Company (www.goodhealthcandle.com)